What if they aren’t Thargoids?

The Thargoids are here! Or are they?

By now most commanders know about the strange, flower-like, glowing, rattling, alien vessels that pull us out of hyperspace around the Pleiades Sector, scan our ships (or whatever it is they’re doing with that weird yellow flash of light) then just jump out and leave an Unknown Wake which we’re unable to follow (yet?).

Alien Ship

Obviously, most commanders will automatically assume they’re the famous Thargoids. We’ve been waiting for this to happen for a long time now, and they’re finally here. But the question is… are they really Thargoids? I mean, yes, they do pull you out of hyperspace, which is something they used to do in previous games, but that’s about it. Everything else just doesn’t fit the description… what we used to know about them. Let’s check the wiki.

  • [Thargoids] are very hostile and aggressive and have not been interested in diplomatic relations to date.

Well I’m sorry, but scanning and hyperspacing out just doesn’t seem so aggressive to me… On the contrary, if you ask me, I think these alien vessels are simply looking for something. What exactly, I don’t know.

  • Thargoid relations with other races is frighteningly simple: war. The three largest organisations in the Galaxy are all at war with the Thargoid race, and they are constantly under threat of planetary invasion.

Again, reading this and remembering the old games, I can’t imagine a Thargoid ship just “getting close for a scan” then hyperspacing. I mean… come on… Even IF they’re actually Thargoids, something must have happened since last we saw them. It seems to me like a rather radical change in behaviour. Even if that’s the case…

  • David Braben hinted that should peace have ever been found with Thargoids, it would be a temporary measure.

… which actually means it’s going to happen sooner or later. They’ll start hunting us. Maybe these are just scouts sent to check on our current technology. But they’ll come. I’m almost sure of it.

Also, remember how they used to look in ALL previous Elite games? Let me remind you.


There are similarities, yes. They used to look like an Octagon, meaning they had 8 faces, now they have 8… tentacles or whatever they are. But they look very organic, unlike the old ones. I know, technology didn’t allow for better graphics back then, but still…

Well, that’s all I have. I think they’ll prove to be Thargoids in the end, but I still say something’s not right. I know there are 2 sides right now. There are those who just want blood and will attack alien ships on sight. And there are those like me, who would first like to know more about who they are and what they want from us. What does everyone else think about this?

First Contact

First Contact: the first meeting of two cultures previously unaware of one another.

Greetings, Commanders!

I know it’s been a while (again). I just started a comeback post today, but it’s not ready yet and this is really important.

First Contact
First Contact

Well, apparently we’ve made first contact with the Thargoids. There’s still little info, but you can check the videos showing the event just as it happened below.




What do you guys think? I think it’s awesome! Best way to introduce them to the game. Can’t wait to see what happens next…

Edit: it has happened again (to a different CMDR). I think it’s happening all over the place while jumping from system to system. Video below.

Edit: and I think I was right. It’s happening all over the galaxy… Third encounter.

Fly dangerous!

No Man’s Sky

I know it’s been months since my last post. A lot of stuff has happened, I’ll tell you all about it in a post soon. But first, let me just tell you I started playing No Man’s Sky.

No Man's Sky
No Man’s Sky

Well, actually there was a little problem. I pre-purchased the game on Steam, installed it and then, when I tried to launch it… nothing. I tried manually launching the game from the Binaries folder and got the “missing MSVCR100.dll” error. Honestly, I don’t know why. I have all required redistributables installed, including the ones that come with the game itself.

What I did to make it work was to manually download the missing DLL from this website right here and place it in the No Man’s Sky binaries folder, next to the game executable. Then I launched the game from Steam and it worked like a charm…

Hope you guys don’t get the same error, but if you do, I hope this little post helps.

Horizons Highlights and the Gold ASP Paint Job

So, apparently, Frontier have just released a newsletter with a lot of cool info on the future of Horizons. According to this update, there will be 4 “expansions” coming in the Horizons season:

  • 2.1 – The Engineers (spring 2016) – more loot, “expanded mission system” (let’s just hope they also fix them and make them worth our time), exotic weapons (uhm…) and modules;
  • 2.2 – Guardians (summer 2016) – ship-launched Fighters. Awesome;
  • 2.3 – The Commanders (fall 2016) – finally, the long awaited Commander Creator and Multi-Crew ships;
  • 2.4 – “A secret to be revealed in Elite Dangerous: Horizons’ final expansion!” – I’m thinking maybe aliens? Thargoids or something? I sure hope so…


I don’t know about you, but I’m quite excited. I can’t wait for the missions revamp, multi-crew ships, the Commander Creator and all the other stuff that’s coming. Elite: Dangerous is getting better and better. I just wish they’d take their time to fix some of the stuff that’s already in the game.

Oh, they’ve also changed things on the Frontier Store. They made it more intuitive. Also, Horizons is now 20% off so if you haven’t bought it yet, get it now.

Gold ASP Explorer

If you already own Horizons, you’ll be rewarded with the beautiful Gold Paintjob for the ASP Explorer. A lot of good stuff today from Frontier, I’m happy with my shiny ASP and I can’t wait for the new content to come.

Fly dangerous, CMDRs! See you in space 😉

Merope 5C – Barnacle Research

January 14, 3302 – Pleiades NebulaMerope System. Wandering pilots discover a strange alien formation on Merope 5C. You will find it by landing on Merope 5C at the following coordinates: -026.3496°, -156.4044°.


I began writing this post half a month ago, but got sidetracked and… oh, well… In the meantime, more barnacles were discovered at various locations – you can find a lot of info on reddit.

The question everyone’s asking that has no real answer yet is: what are these “structures”? What we do know is that they are organic. They emit luminous particles and the same gas cloud as the Unknown Artifacts. They also emit those strange noises. What I’ve found is that these sounds are different than those emitted by the Unknown Artifacts.


There’s also the strange symbol that appears on 3 of the 6 tentacle-like “things”. Many Commanders have speculated that it looks like the Barnard’s Loop nebula, and some went on to research that location.

Merope5C_003   Merope5C_004

I decided to analyze the sounds. So I recorded them for about an hour and started messing around. I increased and decreased the speed, separated the channels… stuff like that. I found some patterns and a few different “translations” depending on the “decoding” method I used. Some of them appeared to be system names inside the “bubble”. I’m going to do some further research and will post again about the barnacles as soon as I have more info…

Free Cobra Skin from PC Gamer

Do you like the Cobra Mk III? Of course you do, it’s the most iconic ship in Elite: Dangerous. Also, the fastest… and good at *cough* smuggling *cough*… What about a Cobra Skin?


Well, the guys at PC Gamer are offering this skin for free to the first 10.000 Commanders who claim it. So, click HERE and claim your shiny new skin for the awesome ship that is the Cobra Mk III.

GALNET News: Interplanetary Travel

I don’t know how many of you actually take your time to read the news we get on the GALNET, but one of the latest updates – the one from January 13 – got me really hyped up.


What’s so interesting about this, you may ask? Well, that last paragraph is what got me intrigued… “With luck, we will be able to reintroduce the innovative drive technology used aboard the Antares. This discovery could serve as the catalyst for a whole new era of interplanetary travel.Continue reading

Ranking in Horizons / 1.5

I’ve been playing Elite: Dangerous since day one. I tried a bit of everything. I was a bounty hunter, an assassin, a trader, a miner, an explorer… Elite is a fun game and (despite all the criticism) it has enough content to keep you hooked. Well, unless you end up grinding for something, then it gets boring. And I just can’t play like that. I hate grinding. I can’t play games who make you grind like a mindless zombie…

EmpireInsignia   FederationInsignia

Continue reading