Guide to making credits (I) – 25 January 2017

Making a lot of money (credits) fast and safe is one of any commander’s priority in Elite: Dangerous. Unfortunately, it’s not always so easy… This is a new series of guide posts where I’ll talk about how I currently make money in Elite. The date is also in the title for obvious reasons. Ok, let’s get on with it…

  • Get a long range ship (ASP Explorer, Diamondback Explorer, etc) and fit it with an Advanced Discovery Scanner, a Planetary Vehicle Hangar and a SRV. Then head to Fehu. It’s roughly 400 LY away from Sol. Once there, dock at Frigschneck’s Resort;


  • Here, accept all “Civil War Surface Installation Scan Missions“. Bounce around Open, Solo and Private until you fill your mission list;
  • Undock, leave the station and use your ADS to scan the System. All your missions will be updated;
  • You need to land on the planet where your objective is located… which is almost always Fehu 6 B. Approach the planet until your navigation panel looks like this:
Navigation Panel
Navigation Panel


  • Head to the Search zone and land within 300 meters. Then, deploy your SRV, approach the base and scan the large structure to complete all of your missions instantly. No fighting required. Be careful though, you will probably become wanted so you need to go back to your ship fast and take off.


  • Jump to the nearest system and wait a few minutes to clear your wanted status (or suicide into the planet if you’re into that kind of thing) then head back to Frigschneck’s Resort and claim your mission rewards.
Mission Rewards
Mission Rewards


Congratulations! You just made easy money (credits)! Rinse and repeat! Hope this helps.

Fly dangerous, CMDRs!

Ranking in Horizons / 1.5

I’ve been playing Elite: Dangerous since day one. I tried a bit of everything. I was a bounty hunter, an assassin, a trader, a miner, an explorer… Elite is a fun game and (despite all the criticism) it has enough content to keep you hooked. Well, unless you end up grinding for something, then it gets boring. And I just can’t play like that. I hate grinding. I can’t play games who make you grind like a mindless zombie…

EmpireInsignia   FederationInsignia

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Starter Guide for Elite: Dangerous

So, you just bought Elite: Dangerous and have no idea what to do… Or maybe you haven’t bought it yet but are considering it (well, you should go buy it… NOW). I saw a lot of posts on various E:D communities asking for help starting out in this wonderful game, so I decided to write this post. I’ll try to keep it short and useful, let’s see how that goes…

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So you want to try Exploration…

You want to try exploration, but can’t afford an ASP Explorer? Or maybe you can afford it, but you don’t know if exploration is for you? Well, there is one thing you can do (without having to go thousands of light years). There is one particular region of space close to the “player bubble” that is getting a lot of attention. I am talking about the Pleiades Nebula. Roughly 400 LYs away, this is where you’ll find a Black Hole (probably the closest one to the bubble), some awesome landing spots (great for taking those perfect screenshots), the famous Merope system and the Unknown Artefacts.

Merope   Landing

Now, if you’re low on credits, you may want to try one of the most underrated ships in this game: the Hauler. This is a great ship for trying out exploration as a newbie. It’s very cheap, and with this fit: Exploration Hauler you can get an excellent 30+ LY jump range. You can also fit a Planetary Vehicle Hangar if you want to have some fun. This will get you to Maia in less than 30 minutes.

Hauler   Maia

Once there, go visit the Black Hole. It’s a small one, but still a Black Hole. Then head to Merope, the “target” of all the Unknown Artefacts situated around that system at about ~140 LY and pointing towards it. Land on some planets / moons, go through some canyons, take some screenshots.

Finally, if you want to see one of the Unknown Artefacts, the easiest way to find one is to go to Aries Dark Region GW-W D1-52 System, fly away from the single star and wait for a Strong Signal Source to appear. That’s where you’ll find it.

Hope this was useful for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me anything. I’ll be happy to help you in any way I can. Fly dangerously, CMDR!