Ranking in Horizons / 1.5

I’ve been playing Elite: Dangerous since day one. I tried a bit of everything. I was a bounty hunter, an assassin, a trader, a miner, an explorer… Elite is a fun game and (despite all the criticism) it has enough content to keep you hooked. Well, unless you end up grinding for something, then it gets boring. And I just can’t play like that. I hate grinding. I can’t play games who make you grind like a mindless zombie…

EmpireInsignia   FederationInsignia

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Starter Guide for Elite: Dangerous

So, you just bought Elite: Dangerous and have no idea what to do… Or maybe you haven’t bought it yet but are considering it (well, you should go buy it… NOW). I saw a lot of posts on various E:D communities asking for help starting out in this wonderful game, so I decided to write this post. I’ll try to keep it short and useful, let’s see how that goes…

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Fer-de-Lance – first impressions

Ever since it got added to the game back in patch 1.2, I thought of buying one. The Fer-de-Lance. Elite’s heavy fighter. Back then, I ended up getting the Python for its’ extraordinary multi-purpose capabilities. And I don’t regret that decision one bit. The Python was exactly what I needed. I was able to trade, bounty hunt, do all sorts of missions… It was the perfect ship for me. Meanwhile I even got an A-rated Anaconda which I use for HazRES and Combat Zones. The problem is both the Python and the Anaconda are multi-purpose ships. They fit many roles, from trading to combat… even exploration. I wanted a ship that was built for combat. So, after a few days of “studying” (hardpoints, placement, power plant, etc.) I ended up buying a Fer-de-Lance (the Federal Assault Ship was an option, too).

Fer-de-Lance   Fer-de-Lance-2

Having bought the ship at Diaguandri (for the 15% discount you get in Li Yong-Rui controlled systems), it was time to think of a proper way to fit it for Assassination missions. I used Coriolis.io and ended up with THIS build. I then found some high-pay assassionation missions and went out to test my new ship. Let me tell you… it’s AWESOME! Even the new Federal Corvette doesn’t stand a chance against the highly maneuverable FdL. Then I thought: “I have to see how this ship does in a HazRES. I switched all my weapons to Pulse Lasers (just because I hate having to go back to stations for ammo) and jumped in. Best fun I’ve had in this game for a long time. Anything from an Eagle up to an Anaconda is a victim for this ship.

I just bought the ship yesterday so this isn’t a review. Just thought I’d share my first impressions with everyone. To sum it all up…


  • very fast and agile, turns very well;
  • weapon placement is perfect for gimballed (PVE) OR fixed (PVP) weapons;
  • the class 4 hardpoint can fit some really heavy weapons (like the Plasma Accelerator);
  • you can fit one for ~ 100 million credits;
  • can destroy any ship if flown by a good pilot.


  • the jump range is awful (but that is to be expected of a combat-oriented ship)

Here’s a video showing the outcome of 2 of my encounters with Federal Corvettes in assassination missions.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the video. Fly dangerously, CMDR! See you in space!

Landing on a high gravity planet

Since Horizons launched we’ve been landing on planets here and there. It’s fun, there are many beautiful “landscapes” to see, it’s something new and you also get some interesting missions on planets. To be honest, I never once thought to check a planet’s gravity before landing on it. Until I read about some commanders trying to land on high gravity planets and literally plummeting to the ground. Wow! – I thought. I have to see this for myself. But I won’t be going in an Anaconda.

Imperial Courier and SRV

So I jumped in my trusty Imperial Courier – awesome little ship – and headed to the Achenar System. There is a planet there with a gravity of 6.73G – that is almost seven times Earth’s gravity. This should be interesting. Watch the video below to see exactly what happened.

Well, what do you think? I want to try landing bigger ships on high gravity worlds, but I’m not exactly keen on making scrap out of my Anaconda.

My thoughts on Powerplay

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always hated politics. However, in a game like Elite: Dangerous, being able to get involved in power struggles sounds great and it got my attention right away. Thus, when Powerplay hit the servers, I joined Aisling Duval (yeah, ’cause she’s hot… some even call her “Space Khaleesi”). Problem was, I didn’t feel like doing stuff for her. Not even for the Prismatic Shield Generator you get when you reach Rank 3 with her (and you’ve been her supporter for more than 4 weeks). I just continued my daily routine. Some bounty hunting, some assassination missions, some trading, smuggling… anything BUT doing Powerplay.

I then realized that I may have pledged with the wrong power. So I decided to study the intricacies of Powerplay and, before long, I decided to defect to Arissa Lavigny-Duval. This time it was the promise of better bounty rewards that convinced me. And the fact that she’s the new Empress. But mainly for the bounties. I enjoy combat quite a lot in this game so I thought “why not?”. Continue reading

Recent developments

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I decided to describe some of my recent activities by posting screenshots rather than just writing a lengthy post.

  • been using the ASP for some… long-distance “hauling” missions… Very lucrative missions…

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Vulture’s Wings

I just realized I haven’t been active for a few days. But… can you blame me? I mean, Frontier just released Patch 1.2 – Wings and it is awesome! I mean it. If you’ve played Elite: Dangerous for a while but got bored of bounty hunting for no real profit, trading between two stations or exploring just for the fun of it, I have one thing to say to you: GET BACK HERE! The game is just so much better that before, it’s not even funny. Continue reading

The Longest Journey

Ok, so I finally made up my mind. I’m going on a (hopefully) LONG journey. And I’m going to use the Sidewinder to do it. Why? Well, two reasons really… First of all because I think small ships are the best ships and people should be aware that you don’t need a 200 mil. Python or an insanely expensive Anaconda to do stuff… Not even an ASP for exploration. Second is because the Sidewinder has the BEST canopy view of any ship in Elite: Dangerous. So I’ll be able to take awesome screenshots and share them with everyone to see / use as wallpapers / etc. That is, if I don’t get my ship blown too soon. Continue reading